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In today’s competitive hiring landscape, a good candidate experience is more important than ever. With the unemployment rate at a historic low, employers are facing a challenge when it comes to not just attracting top talent but also keeping them engaged and committed throughout the entire hiring process. 

Out of this backdrop, game-based assessments have emerged as a new way to evaluate candidates’ skills and abilities in a quick, unobtrusive, and even fun way. A typical game-based assessment transforms the experience from a traditional pre-employment test into a game-like experience. 

In this webinar, we will discuss: 

  • The importance of candidate experience in today’s hiring market
  • How game-based assessments fit into this landscape
  • The types of game-based assessments that are emerging, and the science behind them
  • Practical ways to incorporate game-based assessments into your hiring process


bradPresented by Brad Schneider

Vice President of Assessment Science for Criteria Corp

Brad Schneider is the VP of Assessment Science at Criteria Corp. Brad’s 25 years of assessment experience includes leadership and consulting positions with global consulting firms, Fortune 100 organizations, and government agencies. In addition to leading assessment initiatives across more than 400 clients in virtually all industries, Brad has designed innovative assessment offerings (tests, interviews, simulations, job analysis methodologies) leveraged by more than 200 organizations worldwide and translated into 8 languages.