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Patrick Blanton has over 20 years’ experience scaling teams at high growth, technology and SaaS companies. He currently leads the Customer Success team and is responsible for designing onboarding & training programs, launching employee incentive programs, and continually hiring all-star staff. 


On-Demand Webinar

A new year means new challenges, but also new opportunities! So start this year's hiring plan with an arsenal of tactics to maximize your recruitment efforts.

In this webinar, Criteria’s Pat Blanton, VP of Customer Success shares his road-tested ways to achieve hiring success.

In this 45 minute webinar recording, you’ll discover:

  • ⋅ This year’s top HR challenges
  • ⋅ Pat’s 7 tactics to set yourself up for hiring success
  • ⋅ How to implement and track the effectiveness of your hiring strategies

Stop struggling to kick off your HR planning, and hit the ground running with actionable steps this year.



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